Branding Victims Beware!

Branding acts like the few phrases listed in the dictionary to describe a word. These descriptions must be spot on in order to help the reader comprehend the definition. The same goes for branding. Branding must be consistent, accurate, and direct. Many don’t realize there are four main mistakes often made when it comes to branding. Are you victim to them? Here they are:

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Keeping Up With the Start-Ups

Starts ups are changing the world. These amazing companies of innovation not only drive the economy but also our society’s culture. More traditional companies need to keep up with changes and advancements start-up companies create. Here are some tips to keep up:

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How to Handle Multiple Job Offers and Interviews

First, let’s get this out there; this is a great “problem” to have! If you are hearing back from a number of companies you’ve applied to and interviews with, it means you must excel at your job AND your role is in high demand. However, this comes with a price. You must handle this situation very delicately in order to maintain a professional reputation – and your integrity as well!

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Horrible Bosses and How to Handle Them

We’ve all heard boss nightmare stories or at least laughed at the hilarity of the Horrible Bosses comedy safely in the confines of an air-conditioned movie theatre. These stories are all very funny until we’re faced with a horrible boss of our own. Too often, many of these are fact and not fiction film.

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The Potential for Making Money from a Hobby

In an ideal world, our hobbies would be our profession and would ensure financial stability. What if I told you that this is possible in the world you live in today? With unemployment is still hovering around record high levels, this could be the perfect time to take your hobby into the next level. Why not rethink your situation by making your hobby your livelihood?

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Is It Harder for a Woman to be an Entrepreneur?

Male or female, it’s not easy for anyone to grow scalable business. If it were, everybody would be doing it. But, historically, it has been much more difficult for women to get a foothold in the space. Women are often disadvantaged for a number of reasons. With the lack of female role models, careers interrupted by motherhood, and more, it has been much header for women to grow scalable businesses. One question to ask is: are times changing?

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5 Tips for How to Live a Healthy and Prosperous Life

Whether you make your plans for the coming months in the back of your mind or on blank spaces in your daily agenda, there is one plan you might actually be forgetting to create: one for your health and prosperity. Many don’t realize that living a healthy and prosperous live requests careful thought, planning, and execution. You are more likely to achieve success if you follow a path and keep these 5 things in mind:

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Leadership from Within: Tapping into your Centering Power

If you are an assistant to an executive, a mid-level manager, or the CEO of a company, no matter your level, leadership skill are necessary to succeed. Often, we are asked to take on additional responsibilities and are challenged beyond our formal position or title. Some enthusiastically rise to the occasion while others shrink and become fearful and think “they don’t have what it takes.” But everyone has what it takes once they tap into their centering power!

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Staying Positive During an Internship/Entry Level Job Search

From the continuous news reports of staggering employment rates to repeated rejections after dozens of application submissions, new and recent college graduates often feel that searching for an entry level job or internships position is dismal. What many might not realize is that positivity is a critical tool for conquering today’s tough job market!

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Credit Where It’s Due

America is historically known as the land of opportunity; a place where any citizen can pull him or herself up by their bootstraps and attain the American Dream. With the recent recession and continued economic cut backs, a standard credit check holds more weight than ever for both companies and new applicants.

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